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Client : DigiQuest

Brief : A newly established digital printers wanted a logo and strap line that was clean, concise and summed up exactly what DigiQuest was all about.





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Client : Fine Dood Direct

Brief : Fine Food Direct approached us to design their corporate branding which needed to have a fresh contemporary feel to their web based deli. All promotional material, as well as the web site were produced by Portfolio.




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Client : Hardcourt Education Ltd

Brief : To produce a logo suitable to bring together a series of titles for educational books and DVDs. The age group for the series was from Year 1 to Year 7.





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Client : Kizingo

Brief : A beach resort opened in 2003 on the island of Lamu off the Kenyan coast. The logo had to be suitable for various merchandise, as well as literature and web, all undertaken by Portfolio. The island is renowned for the dolphins, and Kizingo offer 'swimming with dolphins' as one of their activities.



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Client : The Shippen Cottages

Brief : A start up company wanting a logo very much conveying the location for their new, individual barn conversions in Devon. Pine trees are numerous in and around the site, and sum up the tranquil surroundings.





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Client : Wooden it be nice

Brief : A small craft company in Devon. The logo was to be a simple design that would adapt well for labels and the web.






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Client : Shirley Page

Brief : A small manufacturer of organic essential oils, wanted to have a simple single colour logo that would fit easily on bottles as well as literature.





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Client : The Sushi Roller

Brief : A new company producing Sushi Rolls. Very simple, graphic, stylised and clean were the key words in the brief to us. The logo will be appearing on packaging, merchandising, transport and eventually shop façades.





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